Due to the developments around Covid-19 we’ve had to take a number of steps to ensure the safety of our staff and customers as well as protect the service we continue to offer through the pandemic. Yesterday we took the decision to close the office and send staff home to work. There will be a skeleton shift in the office but we will not be open to visitors or client meetings.

Although we are able to work almost as effectively at home I do need to ask for your co-operation in helping us to meet all of your deadlines.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Where possible can any remaining information be sent into the office by email, eliminating the necessity for clients to come to the office to drop documents off.

Where this is simply not possible we are able to accept hard copy records providing our strict drop off procedure is followed. Donna will be situated on the Ground Floor in GLX’s empty office. If you please notify ahead via the usual Murrells office line (01603 617361) or by email (donna.martin@murrells.co.uk) you will be able to ring the buzzer for GLX and Donna will let you in. Outside of GLX’s office will be a “Quarantine Box” which you can deposit your records in without stepping inside and come into contact with Donna. Once you’ve left the office Donna will move these to a secure point and they will remain there for three days in quarantine before a member of the team comes to collect and carry out your work. As I’m sure you’ll understand this is an incredibly busy month for us even in usual circumstances, so the deadline for physical drop offs to guarantee your return is completed is next Friday 15th January. Any records dropped off after this point will have to be quarantined for the same time period and will therefore run us close to the deadline should we receive a large volume after this date.

Payroll & CIS

Payroll and CIS returns will be processed as normal but can I please ask again that any information is sent in at the earliest opportunity to allow Racheal and Jan as much flexibility as possible to manage their workload. Working from home is never going to be a perfect substitute for our office environment and delivering information even a day or two earlier than usual can really help them.

VAT and Accounts

VAT and Accounts work will continue as normal and your usual point of contact will be available should you require any assistance. Again, please provide any necessary information by email where possible, if a physical drop off is required the above detailed drop -off procedure will also have to be followed for these services.

If you have any queries on the above please don’t hesitate to contact us, otherwise stay safe and we hope to welcome you back to the office later in the year.